Sunday, May 20, 2007

Some South African decor style

This is the home of Cape Town based make-up artist Algria Ferreira-Watling, it's in the suburb of Tamboerskloof. The style is a little too minimalist for my personal taste, and I could never live in a house where all the rooms were the same colour, especially these muted tones. Nevertheless, in saying that, I still love her style and decor especially the room in the top picture.
All images from the May issue of The South African decor magazine House and Leisure


Gypsy Purple said...

Hi the South African art and decor you showed...and LOVE the journal pages and ATC``ve been busy!!!

Bronwyn said...

Thanks Gypsy,
since I started blogging, I've discovered a lot of beautiful design blogs, so I've decided to include this topic in my blog - but I want to highlight South African design and decor

Crazy Sexy Cool said...

Love this look, wish my holiday home will look like this one day... when I am big.