Thursday, May 3, 2007

Trying to draw and a birthday coming up

Today's quote:
"Today I believe there are constant signs and clues to what we should be doing, and people are often these signposts. It all depends on whether we open our open our hearts to these things."
~Melinda Fergusom from "Smacked"

Another experiment with drawing. Hmmm...
Well, moving on - Saturday is my birthday. I'm turning 38. I can't believe it, only two years until I hit the big four-oh! I'm not that bothered about turning 38, it's a rather arbitrary year to turn, it's not a particular milestone birthday, and it's not much different from being 37. Somewhere along the past three years it suddenly dawned on me that I'm in my LATE thirties as opposed to being in my early thirties, and you think, can I really be this age already? Where did all the years go, I'm no longer in the prime of my youth. But, I'm not prepared to get my knickers in a knot about aging - at least not this year. I am starting to get quite a few grey hairs, but because my hair is so curly you can't really notice them, anyway, to tell you the truth, I love my grey hairs, they intrigue me, I can't believe they're growing there, on my head. Anyway, as my mom always says, "I earned every one of them."

I wasn't planning on doing anything for my birthday, but one of my friends suggested a small gathering and we do a 6 month looking ahead plan using cards, like angel cards, tarot, animal cards etc. We draw it all out on a piece of cardboard with various art materials and play. So it's just going to be about six of us. As a Taurean, I'm not into big parties, especially not when it comes to myself.


Gypsy Purple said...

Hi Bronwyn...nice "meeting" you...its almost weekend, so...happy birthday to you!!!!!!!!!!!

Bronwyn, I loved my late 30` more hangups, insecurities...I knew who I was and what I wanted...just enjoyed...I wish that for you as well..

We went to the antique fair at the Melrose House in`s an annual thing every 1st of May...was lovely

Bronwyn said...

Thanks Gypsy - it's true, I definately feel less insecure and more comfortable in my own skin.