Thursday, June 7, 2007

Latest journal pages

This page I started off with a layer of red acrylic craft paint. I found the image of the woman with the leaf on the internet, I wrote over the image in photoshop using a nailscratch font which I downloaded for free from the website of artist Eduardo Recife. He has a great collection of free fonts which you can download HERE. I printed out the image and glued it onto the black and white patterned background that I cut out of a decorating magazine. I glued the image to the red page and painted around the image with white acrylic craft paint. I coloured over the white with a red marker and added the spots. I then added the flowers across her head, and the black and white dots and lines using markers.

This page started off with a background of watery dark blue gouache. I wrote over the background with a black marker and added a messy layer of white acrylic craft paint. I glued down the image found in a fashion magazine and added the dark black writing with a marker. The light black writing down the left side was made with a normal ballpoint pen. I finished off by wiping on a watery layer of red gouache.

This page was a simple collage with a background of patterned papers and magazine images. I printed the writing onto white xerox paper and gave it some colour with chalk pastels and brown shoe polish. I melt the polish with my heatgun which sets the polish so that it doesn't smudge or rub off.

Another quite simple collage using magazine images. I printed the words onto a light patterned paper. I drew the border round the centre image with a black ballpoint pen and coloured it in with oil pastels, I also did the main border with oil pastels.

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