Monday, June 4, 2007

More old journal pages

Here are some more pages from my old journals.

I made a list of 100 of my favourite things - amazing how simple the things were that made a 13 year old happy. Pop Shop was a TV music programme that showed the latest pop videos. Sandton City was and still is a shopping mall, and the Vaal is a huge river about an hour away from Johannesburg where my parents used to have a holiday house.

OMG! Did I really think Magnum PI was a hunk. I think I should have had my head read for signs of madness, or at lease a very high fever.

This picture of eighties supermodel Christie Brinckley, and her French playboy boyfriend who was killed in a motorbike crash really appealed to me back then - I was in the Danielle Steele romantic novel phase at the time. It seemed to me that this photo was like something out of one her novels.

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