Tuesday, June 19, 2007


For these pages I used images of myself as a child. Like alot of women somewhere along the line I ended up having zero self-confidence in myself, my looks and my abilities. Luckily into adulthood, and approaching my forties, these issues are no longer the huge problem that they used to be, but still, I do sometimes question myself, and wonder whether I am "good enough".
These pictures are sort of making a comment, on how, especially as women, consumer society and popular culture tend to make us devalue ourselves. We start off as cute, innocent little people, our understanding is just of our own little world and the love we get from our parents. And then, as we grow up, somehow we often start to lose confidence, or never develop it in the first place. Perhaps our family never nurtured a sense of self worth, then we got to school and had to compete with the popular girls who had all the right clothes and brand labels. We were constantly bombarded with music videos where women were merely half naked, perfectly formed accessories. And of course the fashion magazines and billboards, and skinny super models. We seem to think that we need to be perfect in every way, when really this level of perfection doesn't exist at all - even fashion models are touched up and airbrushed in magazines.
These pages are about the need to value and love ourselves, because we are all special, unique individuals, we shouldn't be taken in by the glamorous lies of advertising and popular culture.

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