Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A forgotten art

I love these paintings of the forgotten art of letter writing posted by Mary from Across the Pond. You'll find more beautiful letter paintings on her blog. In this age of email and skype it does seem that we are missing out on the personal and intimate communication of good old letters. I remember when I was younger I corresponded with an ex-South African living in Israel for a couple of years. I had met him through friends while he was visiting family in South Africa. We corresponded like clockwork, and our letters would take about 3 weeks to reach their destination. I remember taking a few days to write each letter to him, deliberating over what to put in and what to leave out, (of course I had a mad crush on him). And the sweet agony of arriving home from university when I knew a letter was due from him, and rushing to check the post box. The disappointment when the letter wasn't there, and the rush of excitement when it was.

Hmmm....so where would I go for inspiration if I were to write a letter now. Shootfactory was the perfect place to visit for ideas.

Perhaps this treehouse in the garden of an English manor house in the Reading countryside?

Or maybe looking out over the city of London from this Green walk apartment?

I know I could find inspiration under this canopy looking out over these Tuscan wheatfields in Italy.

Or maybe even in the library of this French chateau in Dordogne?
Yes, I think it will be here, on this cushion, eating oranges and drinking red wine in the Spanish countryside. So, which one would you choose?


nancyb said...

Hmm! The tree house looks a bit spooky, plus I don't care for high places, the apt seems a bit to steril, the pillows under the canopy look might inviting, the library, even though I love books I would be feeling like I am not alone ;O) I would opt for sitting beneath the arch on the Spanish countryside and sit quietly with a sketch book! :)

charlotte said...

Tuscan wheatfields win hands down, with the London apartment coming a very close second.

I also like the treehouse, but it looks a bit cold and I need sun right now.