Sunday, July 1, 2007

Here and There

This was tonight's supper (served with wholewheat toast) - a magnificently delicious and decadent soup, that my sister-in-law Christine brewed from a bunch of leftovers with lots of love and a little magic - fresh veggies in season, venison and some stock. Just right for the freezing cold, grey Grahamstown weather.

A biltong booth at the Grahamstown flea market. Biltong is very popular in South Africa. I think in America it's what you guys call jerky - dried, salted meat. We have all kinds, ranging from conservative beef, to more adventurous kudu, ostrich and impala. Don't you just love the kitsch antelope head on their caravan?

This is me and my mom-in-law at the opening of Christine's photographic exhibition here in Grahamstown. It turned out to be a great party much enjoyed by all.


Judy said...

Ooooh, I lurve biltong! A little birdy told me you were coming down under later in the year???

Mary Ann said...

Bronwyn I LOVE this photo of you! You look very happy. The soup looked delicious in the post above. Hopefully you'll have mailart when you get home. I mailed it back on the 15th of June. Enjoy the rest of your holiday.