Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Last Grahamstown pictures

The images that follow are of alter pieces done by hand by women from the Keiskamma Art Project. They show the main alter pieces and then detailed close-ups.

The works include embroidery, applique, felt work, beading and photography. The Keiskamma Art Project is a community initiative in the small Eastern Cape town of Hamburg, a very poor community. The project provides women with the skills, materials and training for the production of art and craftwork; a forum in which to generate income; and, support in establishing their own small enterprises. Embroidery is the the soul of the Keiskamma Art Project. Over one hundred women are now highly skilled and many excellent works are being consistently produced. Many of the scenes depicted are inspired by local knowledge - depicting imagery ranging from the Nguni cattle that roam through Hamburg to joyful African angel cushions.

It was an amazing experience to see the craft work done by these women, it is absolutely beautiful when you see it in real life. It is really an incredible community project because it's given poor, rural women, who are mostly uneducated and illerate, a way of making money to support their families.

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