Saturday, July 7, 2007

Purple and blue

This is a scarf I just finished knitting, I'm going to send it down to Grahamstown for my sister-in-law. After browsing a couple of craft blogs with some gorgeous knitting I got all inspired to knit again myself. I haven't knitted for ages, I did another scarf about two years ago. I'm just a beginner really, nothing fancy yet at this stage. I think I'm going to do one more scarf and then try for something slightly more ambitious.

As far as the vase of flowers goes - my husband Gareth and I were doing some gardening this morning, I went back into the house and then heard Gareth calling me from outside. He was apologetically holding an armful of my inca lillies which he had pulled out thinking that they were weeds. He only realised they they might be something else when he saw a few flowers growing on the last ones he pulled up - they're not in season at the moment. So except for two stems all my inca lillies that I grew from bulbs that my dad gave me from his garden are now sadly gone. The good news is, that he didn't get them all up by the bulbs so I'm sure they'll start come up again in the spring.

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