Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Remembering Dan Eldon

This month is the 15th anniversary of the death of Reuters journalist Dan Eldon. At the age of 22 his double paged photographic spreads of war had already appeared in Time and Newsweek. He was sadly murdered on 12 July 1992 by an angry mob following an American bombing raid in Somalia. Eldon was not only a successful photographer, he was an amazing artist with a natural talent, and he kept incredible visual journals from his schooldays onwards. Two books about his life and journals were posthumously published. Dan "left behind 17 black journals, many as thick as a New York telephone directory. Together there were more than two thousand pages bursting with life and studded with shards of glass, leather, ostrich feather, coins, rice; photos and sketches were brilliantly embroidered with wax and even traces of blood". The following mosaic contains images of his journal pages from the book "The Journey is the Destination".

Had he lived, Dan Eldon would have turned 37 this month.

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