Sunday, August 5, 2007

Discovering the world of rugs

I've never been much of a carpet person. I have visions of old fashioned wall to wall shag gathering dust and stains. I have a combination of wooden floors and tiles in my house, so apart from the occassion rug, I've never really had much of an interest in floor coverings. But I have to say, after seeing some of the great designs out there, I think I'm definately beginning to change my mind about rugs - as long as there's no wall to wall involved. The rug below is by textile designer Bev Hisey, I think she has some interesting creations.

The three rugs below are from 2Modern, they have a large collection of fabulous, fabulous rugs, and all sorts of other decor items, from art and lighting to furniture - definately worth a visit for some happy window shopping and inspiration.

Angela Adams - Munjoy Blue Wool Rug

Angela Adams - Nasturtium Dusk Wool Rug

Gus* Modern - Patchwork Pony Rug
I love these Missoni rugs, the colours and patterns, so decadent and luxurious.

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