Saturday, August 18, 2007

A little about me - chaos

A certain somebody was extremely unhappy with life this morning. Much to his disgust he was given a bath, and that was not part of his plan for spending a happy Saturday.

And he's not the only one who's feeling disgruntled at the moment. We're in the process of having our wooden floors and window frames sanded, varnished and repaired - and my entire house is a complete and utter mess! All week I've had banging, sanding, scraping, anglegrinding, bashing and booming going on around me. Right now, I'm holed up in my spareroom, about the only safe spot left to hide. I work from home, so at one point I was reduced to making phone calls from a corner of my bathroom - the only relatively quiete space I could find at the time.

I can't wait for it to all be over, so I can sink my teeth in and have some fun restoring order and playing around with the decor.

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