Thursday, August 2, 2007

Something modern

I love this marshmellow chair and these wall clocks from twentytwentyone. Of course this chair doesn't look particularly comfortable, but it's not as if you'd buy it to actually sit on, or anything as stupid as that.

If I were to sit on the chair however, then I'd definately be wearing these satin peep toes by Christian Louboutin. I would never go so far as to buy them because even assuming for one quick minute that I could wear them in the upright position, and not have to bend my knees and hobble like a constipated bag lady, they'd probably end up looking like they'd been to hell and back after their first outing. Can you imagine trying to keep these shoes clean? But, they are absolutely delicious aren't they? Any woman wearing these shoes would kick ass all the way from here to China, and then some. Admission of guilt: I discovered these shoes on someone's blog yesterday, I saved the picture and then got caught up in other stuff. I went through a few possibilities, but I can't find them again. My apologies to the style explorer who first dug these out of the ether.

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