Saturday, September 1, 2007

Pure beauty

I absolutely love these photographs by Jason Ingram. I think he manages to achieve a wonderful sense of beautiful solitude and peace. I feel inspired by these images. With all the horrible things we hear on the news, war, global warming.... It's nice to be reminded of the incredible beauty that exists in the world. All these images are from various locations around England.

Have a wonderful weekend.


tina's space said...

I am English and have lived there on and off for most of my life. Yet I don't even recognize where these places are. As is usually the case we go through life never really being conscious of what we see every day till someone shows it to us with new eyes. I would love to visit all these places to appreciate the stunning beauty with new eyes

Bhavna said...

Sigh...adore the second pic, Bronwyn! The tree with yellow flowers is known as 'Amaltaas' in India :-)

Jason Ingram Photography said...

Many thanks for your comments Bronwyn, glad you enjoy the work.

Best wishes

Jason Ingram