Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I have been tagged by Empire Collective to tell seven things about myself, so, here goes:

1. I manage to survive amid an atmosphere of organised chaos. It drives my husband crazy, and I really do wish I were neater but......

2. I absolutely love animals and have two crazy dogs.

3. I have three tattoos - all in places that can be covered up if I need/want to.

4. I love my job - I work from home as a freelancer doing production, research and scriptwriting for radio, film and TV. I'm currently scripting a childrens TV series which is proving to be challenging and immensely satisfying - I'm learning a lot.

5. I love summer thunderstorms, the smell of jasmine and the colour blue.

6. I love playing loud music in my car and driving with the window open so I can feel the wind blowing in.

7. I'm not at all adventurous when it comes to stuff like rollercoasters, bungi jumping and skydiving. I'm even terrified of going on cable cars. I once went on the cable car at Hartebeesport dam, and a couple of days later I read a newspaper story about how one of the cars had fallen off and two people had been seriously injured and were lucky to be alive. Proves my point!

And I'm tagging:

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And of course, if you find tagging annoying, feel free to ignore.

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