Thursday, September 6, 2007

Thrift store finds

I went up to my local thrift store today and found a few nice things.

Vintage teacup, saucer, and small plate. I love the detail of the roses inside the teacup.

Here the teacup is filled with spring jasmine from my garden. The smell is heavenly. This is my favourite time of year.

Small yellow glass candy bowl, embroidered napkin and I think anglaise doily. The flowers are African daisies, also from my garden, I grew them from seeds and they flower for most of the year. It's a miracle they haven't been killed off yet. My garden is a total disgrace at the moment. I'm going to have to put in lots of work to get it decent for summer.

Close up of the napkin. I'm collecting embroidered napkins, doilies, nice hankies etc, and when I've got enough I want to sew them together to make a bedspread. My collection is growing slowly but surely. This one still needs a good wash and iron.

This is the rest of my coloured glass collection, I think the little yelow bowl will make a great addition. And - I also found 200 brand new transparencies for altered art at the ridiculous price of R2o the lot. That's about $2 US. Brand new in the stores you'd pay about R180 for 80 transparencies, so this was a real bargain.


olivelund said...

I like your teacup and you have lovley flowers from your garden!


Denise said...

You always find great stuff at the thrift stores. I love the teacup

jletton said...

hey there,

i'm living in johannesburg for a few months and i've been dying to find thrift stores - could you possibly share the different locations?