Monday, October 22, 2007


Jessica from the fabulous blog How About Orange has instructions on how to make these mini-booklets out of your scrap paper. It's so easy to do, so far I've made three of them, and plan to make lots more. As Jessica says, making them becomes stangely addictive. Especially when you see how beautifully they turn out. And you're left with little notebooks for keeping down those numbers and details that you usually write all over the place and can never find when you need them. Not to mention, a great way to use up scrap paper. (The images above are booklets Jessica made taken from her blog).

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olivelund said...

Thank you for your comment in my blog! I really like those flowers too, it's a thypical autumnflower here in Finland.
I must say I really liked the pictures from Lisa Cohen!!!! Very beautiful!!