Sunday, October 28, 2007

Modern Retro

Some beautiful interpretations of retro style. I love the muted tones and elegant simplicity. A perfect example of creating a balance between minimalism and maximilism. I'm loving the current trend of using maps and globes. I'm not loving the trends involving deer horns and heads, zebra rugs and cushions, and to some extent, the newly emerging trend featuring horses. It's a matter of personal taste - I'm not really big on animal patterns and I definitely think the deers and zebras have been done to death, complete overkill. And if leopard print ever makes it back in a big way- I won't even go there, except to say that how some people still manage to wear leopard print clothing gives me cause for absolute astonishment. Especially in South Africa, animal decor is everywhere you look. Most particularly, when it comes to animal hides and animal hide patterns, I'd be more than happy never to see them again :) (All images via The Taverne Agency)


Valentina said...

...and i like these images and the retro vibes ;)

corine said...

Did you coin the phrase retro modern? If yes it totally applies to what I'm into these days. I love the Tavern link. Thank you. Your blog is more wonderful everyday.

{this is glamorous} said...

These images are really great--here's to a striking a balance between minimalism and maximalism! (And I'm with you on people wearing leopard print.)