Tuesday, November 13, 2007


These teacup chandeliers and jelly bowl lanterns are by Madeleine Boulesteix. I love their beauty, creativity and kind of Victorian feel. Madeleine says "I started making chandeliers after finding about 40 facetted glass drops in a pile of rubbish. When I started to gather other things to make a structure with, I discovered that all the things I needed were already there just waiting for me to assemble them. I searched in charity shops, car boot sales and scrap metal yards. I prefer to work with things I've found and let their qualities dictate what happens. A piece begins with a really simple set of ideas, a shape, a colour combination and the objects I want to use. I liked the idea of making something opulent - a chandelier - but out of humble objects. Making things by reusing satisfies many needs and provides a framework to be inventive within."


cruststation said...

I first saw these on Designers' Block, they are amazing!

Bhavna said...

Cute! :-)

{this is glamorous} said...

Lovely! And so creative.