Thursday, November 22, 2007

doane paper

I love these tote bags by doane paper. Great for grocery shopping. We used to have a big issue in South Africa - unlike the brown paper bags I see being used in the movies, in SA all the supermarkets give out plastic bags. Because the plastic bags were so freely available, people just used to throw them away anywhere and everywhere, they made a lot of litter, so much so that it became a standing cynical joke that plastic shopping bags were South Africa's new national flower. Eventually to deal with the problem the government passed a law that all supermarkets had to charge 25c for the plastic bags. This has gone a long way to solving the problem - although so many South Africans are still huge litterbugs. These tote bags are a really cool and eco friendly alternative to plastic bags. And on that note, I really must make a better effort to use tote bags for shopping. The problem is I usually only remember about it when I'm already standing at the check out till to pay for my shopping:) (via This Next)

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