Thursday, November 29, 2007

Dog Xmas gift guide - or not!

I stumbled across some dog furniture on my cyber travels, and at first I thought it would be amusing to put together a post on what to give your dog for Christmas. OMG! It's a whole new world of pet accessories out there. Who knew? But, as I continued I sort of became a bit horrified and shocked - poor dogs, how undignified to be made to wear stupid dresses and outfits, and as for shoes so your pets don't track dirt in the house after you've walked them, that's ridiculous! I'm not sure that doesn't cross the boundary into dog abuse. Holy guacamole!!!

Jewellery, hairwear and dog sneakers from Funny Fur. Daybeds from Paw Printz. Pet strollers from The Silver Spoon Pet Boutique. A selection of clothing from The Haute Hound.Luxury furniture beds from Lila Paws .


Psychotic Cow said...

The beds I love and the little jewellery pieces are kind of cute but I seriously would draw the line at the dresses and strollers. I think the worst one I've seen is a little leather dominatrix type dress with matching hat - if you really love your dog I don't think you'd make it look that ridiculous.
Really like your blog and the things you find!

bronwyn said...

The furniture I can understand, funky dog bowls etc I can understand - even a knitted dog jersey if it's very cold, but those human outfits, strollers and shoes are just too much! Some of the stuff I saw on the pet sites was unbelievable - bikini's, sunglasses, spa robes! Glad you liked the blog, I hope you decide to visit me again :)