Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hacking coral

There's been a lot of red coral around this year. Kind of weird that it's only been red coral, I can't remember seeing it in any other colour. Anyway, inspired by the picture above from Colcha Home, I remembered that I had an old piece of coral lying around. I got it from the second hand shop because it came with a whole lot of shells that I wanted to use to make a hanging mobile with. So I grabbed a tub of acrylic craft paint, red of course - who am I to buck a current trend? And voila, my own little red coral accessory. Not quite the designer deal, but it'll do.


a. said...

Wow that is a great idea! I always try to pick up loose coral when I am on trips. Nothing huge just a few pieces :-)

I know here in the US there are a lot of websites where you can buy such items so you don't have to load up your suitcase on the way home! said...

Love RED coral. It always adds a interesting twist to a display.

Peace & Love,

nunu pepe' said...

well done, looks good :)