Monday, November 5, 2007


This is one of those occasional posts about me....I had a really nice weekend, my husband and I went away for the weekend with some friends to a place called Magoebaskloof in Limpopo Province, not too far from the border with Zimbabwe. That's about a 5 hour drive from where we live in Johannesburg in Gauteng Province. Magoebaskloof is a thickly forested, hilly area - both natural forest, as well as commercial pine and bluegum plantations. The reason we went was because my husband and a friend of his rode in a mountain bike race, I just went along for the fun of it, it was lovely to visit and explore a part of the country that I'm not familiar with.

On the road in Limpopo Province
The view from The Magaboebaskloof Hotel where we stayed-natural forest in the foreground with pine plantations behind it

One of our friendly next door neighbours, Magoebaskloof is vervet monkey country.

The view from a ceylon tea plantation where we had lunch, all the bright green is tea bushes, behind on the hills are pine tree plantations. I picked one of the tea leaves expecting some sort of beautiful spicy fragrance - it just smelled like leaf :)

Zion City in Moria, also in Limpopo Province. Zion City is the biggest African church in the country. Members of the Zionist congregation practice a blend of Christianity and traditional African religion such as ancestor worship.

This photo from my car didn't turn out so great, so I photoshopped it. I kinda like the effect :)

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corine said...

How can you pronounce Magoebaskloof?

One of the views looks just like normandie!