Thursday, November 29, 2007

Spanish inspiration

Some interior inspiration from Elle Deco Spain. I like the orange/green combination, although I wouldn't have it my house, I think I'd probably get tired of it after a while, the top pic is my favourite, I love that green, orange and yellow vase. discovery

Creative Activity is a Swedish blog with some fabulous inspiration. I discovered the Elle Deco Spain site on this blog.


Psychotic Cow said...

I am LOVING that green wallpaper! Oooh and the carpet and couch in the 6th pic.

JP.Brouard said...

Hey that second interior pic is of a restaurant in Durban called HOME (which has since closed down much to the dismay of many Durbanites). It was owned by Richard Hart of Disturbance Design fame. The restaurant made the best sweet potato potato slices.

Bronwyn said...

hat's interesting to know! It would make a pretty cool interior for a home as well :)