Friday, December 14, 2007


You cannot wear or use any of this stuff. Why? Well, because they're cakes! By Debbie Does Cakes. And they come in some delicious sounding flavours like mint cream, chocolate buttercream, mocha buttercream, strawberry and lemon to name a few. They come in many shapes and sizes and include laptops, cars, books, insects and animals. I've never seen anything like it!

She also does cupcakes like these Christian Laboutin and sock monkey cupcakes.
And somewhat bizarrely, food cakes too, anything from sushi to meatloaf, hamburgers and hotdogs. I cannot imagine eating cake that looks like this, it doesn't seem right somehow. You can find more on her Flickr page.

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Jessie Cacciola said...

WOW, you fooled me - amazing stuff!
- Jessie -