Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Fashion foray

I'm making one of my occassional fashion forays in this post :) I stumbled upon these items from La Redoute via Elle Interior Sweden, and I like the top boots, fabulously funky and slightly over the top, especially in the gold (they also come in metallic silver...umm...is there any other kind of silver?) I would probably go for the black pair after much careful thought because I have the occassional disturbing habit of buying out of the ordinary/way out stuff and then not being daring enough to leave the house actually wearing the items in question. This usually involves much last minute hurrying and scurrying after dashing back into the house to change just as I'm about to get into my car.

I love the bottom boot and shoe and would have no problem buying and wearing them providing they were comfortable enough. Nothing worse than uncomfortable shoes, and I'm happily past the age of stoically suffering to be beautiful. The gloves are cute. I think all three items would be great with the style of hip, indie fashion epitomised by Emily from Inside a Black Apple. These pics are from her fashion blog Some Girls Wander.


nunu pepe' said...

I know what you mean I love wacky offbeat shoes but I stick to wearing the same boring slops day in day out. I have been eyeing out a pair of polka dot heels though.

Bronwyn said...

he he :) I think you should go for them!!! I'll also try to be a bit braver :)