Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Round and about

Bhavna of the exotic and colourful blog An Indian Summer has opened an online Indian Summer Bazaar full of tempting, gorgeous items with a strong Indian flavour - all those bold and sumptuous Bollywood colours.

Denise of the wonderful vintage style crafty blog Freshly Found has opened an Etsy store where you will find fabulous vintage treats and handcrafted items she has repurposed from found things.

And, there's a new blog in town. Lynne is a transplanted South African living in New Mexico, and her blog is brimming with elegant, soulfull decor inspiration. You'll find her at Love, Dream, Live at Home.


JP.Brouard said...

I went to India the year before last. It is an amazing place but such a bombardment of the senses from smells and sounds to every colour imaginable. You HAVE to plan a trip some time!

Lynne said...

thanks bronwyn, your blog ain't too shabby either!

Freshly Found said...

Thanks Bronwyn! I hope to be adding more stuff soon! That blue and white striped cushion cover has been sold as is on it's way to Canada! I have some more shirts ready to be transformed!
I enjoyed visitng Lynne's blog and will be back.

M&Co said...

Thanks for the colorful inspiration! I think I really need some ethnic colors up here in the north to warm me up a little ;-) Have a lovely weekend!

bronwyn said...

JP - I would love to go to India sometime!

Lynne & Denise - It's only a pleasure and I will be a regular at both your websites:)

M&Co - Glad you liked the post, bright colours are the bees knees.

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

Found you via Bhavna...and you and my youngest daughter share a name!
I love the name Bronwyn. So she is Bronwyn Elizabeth.
I like your recommendations here!

Ashley L. said...

mmmm! definitely something i will need to go check out! thanks for sharing!!!