Monday, February 25, 2008

Better than an Oscar.....

Thank you, thank you, so much to Hidden in France and Freshly Found for passing on to me the You Make My Day award. These are two of my favourite blogs, the first a delightful mix of visual images to tickle the senses, the second full of crafty goodness, elegant decor tidbits and tantalising fragments of life in South Africa.

In turn, I'm passing the award to

Eye Candy, because...well, it's brimful of glorious eye candy, and eclectic interesting finds

Mormar, because it's sensitive, insightful, and caring, and has introduced me to interesting bloggers, artists and crafters.

LoveDreamLiveatHome, because it's earthy, spiritual, womanly, rustically elegant and soulful

The Cherry Blossom Girl, because its feminine, playful, creative and very, very French

Dispatch from LA, because it's funky, original, edgy and creative, and often deliciously funny.


mormar said...

I think you should for sure get it for getting me more interested in South African literature. Thank you so much.

Lynne said...

thanks Bronwyn:)

JP.Brouard said...

Hey Bronwyn. You're a star. Thanks for being such a loyal supporter despite the fact that posts have hit a severe drought lately.