Wednesday, March 12, 2008

"Mid West African"

I love the catalogue styling, clothes and home accessories available from Side Attraction 3. It's a South African shop selling local products but I think their Kalahari collection in the top two images has a kind of mid west modern feel to it. This makes sense beause the Kalahari is a dry, desert like region in the Northern Cape in SA extending into the bottom of neighbouring Botswana. I also like their brand philosphy, "SideAttraction3 is a lifestyle brand based on a philosophy of consciousness, creativity, identity, freedom and being African.
The brand is inspirational in its language and aligns itself with integrity, tolerance, art and culture.The images that we create are in themselves a strong statement, in their unity of cultures and their acceptance of individuality- a lifestyle space that is truly South African.Our roots are African, but our interest is global progressive and non-sectarian. "


Lynne said...

very cool
thanks bronwyn for the other links too!

Chris Brown said...

Does have that Amy Butler, Mid West vibe to it. I'm digging it.

Peace & Love,

shelley said...

The Bohemian Collection is my favourite. Thanks for the post!