Saturday, March 1, 2008

The pink palazzo in NY

Artist/director Julian Schnabel of the recent film "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly" has built his own venetian style pink palazzo on top of an old factory building on the edge of Greenwich Village. While the outside might be regarded by some as being kitch, over the top, or out of place, the inside looks stunning. I love the art work, and I think I could find true happiness in the bedroom.

"Plunked smack on top of the early-20th-century factory building where the artist has long lived and worked on far West 11th Street is a Pompeii-red palazzo, stuccoed on the outside, with five huge residences, plus a studio for Schnabel, some serious exhibition space, and a swimming pool fit for Citizen Kane. The place looks as if it began life in Venice on the Grand Canal, somehow floated up the Hudson River, moored on the West Side Highway, then hoisted itself atop its three-story “pedestal.” The building even has a fanciful name, announced on its front: Palazzo Chupi, after the nickname of Schnabel’s Spanish wife, Olatz." The rest of the article is here at Vanity Fair.


mormar said...

I remember the first time i read about Schnabel. I wasn't sure what I thought. I still am not sure actually. I also saw him a bit when i watched the movie
basquiat some years ago. Anyway, that looks like a place I would want to see.

Ashley L. said...

oh my goodness these are beautiful! i may need to feature you on my blog soon! :)

decadentdiamond said...

Wow, I would be so happy living in a house like that, inside and out!
I don't usually like the look of chequered flooring, probably because of an association with old cafe kitchen floors etc .. but it looks really nice there.


I find him so sexy. Don't you? You gotta love a man who makes millions making art. And now he has me at 'Hello' with this pink palace. Gosh.

M&Co said...

Wow this is weird! But oh so beautiful!!