Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hazy, lazy Sunday

The late afternoon view of the Joburg city skyline, and my neighbour's roof :) from my front veranda. I absolutely love this view and the feeling of the atmosphere and essence of the city that it invokes in me.

Today was one of those perfect, relaxing Sundays. We're having great Autumn weather at the moment in Joburg. It's getting colder, but during the day time it's warm and sunny with clear blue skies. I went around the garden towards the end of the afternoon looking at how the plants are doing and enjoying the seasonal changes starting to appear.

I'm so excited that my basil is doing well, especially since insects got to all the dill and coriander. We just sprinkled a packet of seeds on top of the soil and turned over the top layer, and hey presto, a few weeks later they started to pop up. I want to start growing lots of herbs, and maybe even a few veggies. I was in Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape recently visiting my sister and brother-in-law. They were such an inspiration to me. They are really green conscious, and they grow lots of herbs as well as their own fruit and vegetables.

I've always wanted to have a vegetable patch, but somehow it's always seemed a bit daunting. Maybe if I start with one or two things and see how that goes, I'll get the confidence to grow more.

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Lynne said...

i mix a few vegies and herbs in with my flowers.cabbages are stunning and trailing thyme, so delicate. the idea of a plot of vegies is way too daunting for m to consider, but a few seeds sprinkled here and there seem to work!