Thursday, July 3, 2008

A mixed post

This post is a bit all over the place...some of this....and some of that.

I've been pickling chilli's, and I'm really pleased with how they turned out. The chilli's are fresh, but store bought - in spring (It's winter now in South Africa) I want to grow my own chilli's. This batch I made is all different types of chilli's from mild to mouth numbing hot. I am crazy about chilli's and often eat too many and pay the price with a sore tummy after.

Some more journal pages. Even though it's not spring here, jasmine are my absolute favourite flowers. They bloom here in spring and their magical, enchanting smell lets me know that summer is on the way. We have had a very mild winter this year, very sunny with clear blue skies, which is typical, but usually there's some wind and although it's clear and sunny it gets really, really cold. This year has been great, from 10.00 in the morning till about 3.oo in the afternoon you can sit out in the sun and bake in a T-shirt. What I do find disturbing though, is that it's only the beginning of July and already my jasmine are coming into full bloom! By the time spring arrives they'll have probably have died out.....not good!

The old man of our household. Ben is going on for 12 and has arthritis in his back hips. He is a little slow to get up these days, but he still loves going for walks. Here he is carrying out his favourite activity - soaking up the winter sun and having a good sun bathe.

And some inspiration from others

I love this evocative, moody photography based art by Tricia Scott.

I'm also loving these encaustics by Marybeth Rothman.


Gina said...

I like the idea of your journal very much!
Gina from Germany

kat said...

I too love Jasmine. Great journal pages.

mormar said...

I love chili's and those look very pretty in that jar!
Your journal pages are always really fun to see.

Lynne said...

loving your journal bronwyn!

Ashley L. said...

all of those images are great! i especially love the faded and brilliant flower picture. so gorgeous.