Friday, August 15, 2008

Paris in April

I decided it was high time to take a trip to April...with the assistance of Jen at My Polaroid Blog. Simply beautiful....

And I also loved these style shots....not in Paris in April

If there's one thing I really would love to have, that is a polaroid camera! But even if I did have one, I wouldn't be able to afford the film....A friend of mine has a polaroid camera and we discovered that it is ridiculously hard to get polaroid film in South Africa, and when you do manage to find a shop that can order it for you, it's just ridiculously expensive. So for now that will remain a distant dream. At least I can enjoy all the amazing poloroid photography out there. Aaaah but it must be such fun to have a polaroid camera to play with!!!


Lynne said...

lovely, dreamy shots
so romantic

Mila said...

Beautiful post!

You can order both a camera and polaroid film on Ebay! I purchased my 600 camera for around $15 from the UK and film i only bought in a shop here, but it is indeed horribly expensive.
I try to save a little money and then buy lots of packs together on Ebay, which is much less expensive than to buy a single pack every time.

Hope you'll find one!
Good luck, sweetheart!

:) Mila.

Anonymous said...