Friday, August 8, 2008

Redecorating on a shoestring

A while ago I posted about painting and getting ready to redecorate my spare room. It's finally just about done. The walls were a dingy pale blue, I decided to paint them white and use accents of bright colour. I also wanted to keep it very, very simple. I also didn't have a lot of money to spend so I used a lot of items that I have thrifted over time. The curtains, bed cover and pillow cases I got new from Mr Price Home, the closest thing we have to the Pottery Barn concept, so I managed to get them all at a very reasonable price. The room is cheerful, airy, sunny and bright - a lot more than I was able to capture in these pics.

Some details:

Thrifted teacups, except the middle one which is part of a set given to me by my late granny. This little wood coffee table was the first new piece of furniture I ever brought when I first moved out of home.

I got this little butterfly decoration when I was on holiday in Australia last year.

This vintage photograph in its old frame was thrifted. I love the photo, its adorably cute and is one of my favourite ever thrift finds.

This is the absolutely beautiful afghan that my step-mom crocheted for me. (I chose the colours with her help)

The vintage 1960's lounging gown was thrifted, and the little pink chinese purse was a gift.

Close up of the pillow cases and bedcover from Mr Price Home.


audrey h. said...

Your room looks so beautiful and serene. I am loving those big windows that let all the natural light shine in...gorgeous!

Anairam said...

Yes, those windows and the light - fantastic! I love how you have used essentially simple elements to create a look. The vintage dress and bag, the teacups and the beautiful butterfly. And I wish I could crochet like your stepmom. But no, I fear the Purple Triffid will be the extent of my crocheting oeuvre.

Muriel said...

I'm also in love with the big windows and the beautiful butterfly and the vintage dress!!!

I love Mr Price ;)

Freshly Found said...

What a beautiful room. FULL of stories! I love it. Thanks for showing it to us! There is a thrill of having a limited budget. The less budget - the more creativity!