Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday is peaceful


And there was nothing more to say
These are some journal pages I did about a month ago. The Sunday was the day my step-sister and her family left to live in Australia. I haven't been doing much journalling over the past few weeks. I'm getting bored with my journalling style, I'm feeling like I need to be doing something different, I'm just not sure what yet. Step one will be to buy a new blank spiral journal, once I've got around to that I can start experimenting.

spring plantings

spring plantings

This is what I planted in my garden today. It was another gorgeous Spring day, if a little windy. I planted basil, oreganum, white viola's, white geraniums and pink carnations. I've never tried growing carnations before, but I saw these beautiful fabulously bright pink ones when I was at the nursery and they jumped out and said "Buy me! Buy me!" So of course I did. I spoke to the plants nicely as I planted them, and welcomed them to their new homes, all the while saying a silent prayer that the dogs wouldn't get to them. I adore my dogs, but when it comes to the garden, it's an ongoing battle......and one that I intend to win!


Songy said...

Where did they settle in Australia?
Probably not Perth (where I live).. :)
Love the stencil effect letters.

Purple basil seedlings look so wonderful. I'm hanging out to do some basil planting myself.. can't wait. It's still a bit chilly here.

Anairam said...

The spring flowers look beautiful! I can't believe I thought spring was here (only a couple of days ago)- this weekend we have had about the coldest winter weather, with accompanying gales, horizontal rain and ice pellets. Jeez!!

Linda Sue said...

Bored with Journaling style, I ADORE, LOVE your journal pages- they are the BEST ever! I love your creative genius brain! If I were a zombie I would eat yours first! Highest compliment! Your spring gardening frenzy is enviable ,now that we are headed into autumn- the air has changed overnight- chill, crisp, leaves changing, ruset colors...beautiful but I am not ready!

Mila said...

What a gorgeous post!
That pictures of the garden made me really happy...the first one is so dreamy!

Hope you are doing fine, dear!!

Bye for now,


Mary-Laure said...

Love your journal, and the hearts cut out in maps... Do make sure to save them!

please sir said...

So lovely - the plants and sketches. I love the xrays - they are amazing!

Something White said...

I LOVE your art!! I´ve always been interested in calligraphics and letters and your style of writing is very nice, particular and personal.