Monday, December 17, 2007

Window shopping heaven

I've just been happily discovering the world of museum stores. Here's a selection of items that I enjoyed looking at. I'll do another museum store post sometime. Fabulous places for window shopping! I think out of all these here, I'd have to list the V&A Museum shop as my favourite.

From the Metropolitan Museum of Art shop: Love paperweight

Rug computer mouse pads

French ormolu style pineapple candleholders

Faberge egg candleholders

Shoes vinyl tote bags

From the Victoria & Albert Museum shop:

Designed by Thelermont Hupton this earthenware red cup has two faces, one side a mug for your mates and the other presents your ‘best china’ for your granny.

A classic William Morris patterned silk scarf - this pattern is dated back to 1884.

For the daring among us, there's this hat by Cosmo Jenks, and a raffia flowerpot handbag.

The cult posters in T-shirt form. Cool! I haven't seen the T-shirts before, only the posters. They also come in long sleeve sweatshirt style.

This mug features Lee Miller's untitled Woman with Parakeets c.1930, one of a series of three drawings that she made reflecting on acceptable roles for women. Made from bone china.

From the Bauhaus Museum store:

Boat toy by Alma Buscher (designed in 1924)

Thermos flasks by Erik Magnussen (designed in 1977)

From the MoMA Store:

Candy wrapper clutch hand woven from recycled candy wrappers by Nahui Ollin, Katsura origami bag by Katsura Takasuka and Peacock silk scarf by Akiyoshi Takahashi.
Outline vase by Yuko Tokuda, and Branch spoons by Jean Pradelle. Sky umbrella by Tibor Kalman.


Sarah said...

My parents have a rug mousepad! I told them to keep it so that I can use it in a doll house for my kids one day, when I actually have some...heh.

Freshly Found said...

I love the Mouse Pad - and the Umbrella and the Outline Vase and the Two-faced Cup/mug. What an interesting selection!

Bronwyn said...

I agree, the umbrella mouse pad is cute - perfect for a doll house. Museum shops are really interesting places:)

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

ooo - i love the hats and flower bag! great find bronwyn! Have a lovely christmas and thanks for dropping by, it's always a pleasure to have you :-):-)