Wednesday, February 13, 2008

It's cool....

I think these Fashion Victims tableware designs are a really funky, clever concept. They're by Israeli designer Yael Kristal who was one of the runner's up in the Designboom dining in 2015 competiton. There are lots of runner's up, and lots of interesting and innovative designs were put forward, if you're a fan of new and contemporary design I recommend checking it out.

I think these Sleepyhead cushions are the coolest, and there's a sweet story about how they came about. From their website "Sleepyheads are the creation of graphic artist Christopher David Ryan. No stranger to daydreaming himself, Christopher began to find inspiration in the very act of doing so. He began to take notice of the daydreamers that surrounded him on a daily basis... on the train, in cafes and on the sidewalks. The result, a book; "Sleepyheads, Portraits of Daydreamers", a 64 page book of simple drawings depicting daydreamers encountered on NYC's "L" train, between the Bedford and Union Square stops, during the early months of 2006. Simple in their delivery, the images leave room for the viewers participation... to share in the daydreaming. Now, several Sleepyheads have been selected to be more than just mere printed lines on paper. They are now printed lines on cotton twill... stuffed and ready to dream their dreams with you."

Both these finds are via the Polish blog I Like Design. And it doesn't matter if you can't understand the language. Like Andy Warhol, I often just like to look at pictures, and the blog is full of fabulous and interesting content - and for further reading you can always follow the links.


Jessie Cacciola said...

that tablewear is insane -- I had to do a double take! =)
- Jessie -

M&Co said...

Love the Fashion Victim tablewear!! Soo fun, and elegant!

Anonymous said...

Hi from Poland.
thanks for spotting me :)
I find your blog inspiring too.
And you are right - photos tell a lot and you can follow the link.
lately I found great Greek blog and even I don't understand a simple word (or even cannot read it) I really like it.