Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Nothing better than a rainbow

Yesterday we had a huge downpour of rain, the heavens opened up and the rain and hail came thudding down. I was starting to wonder if my garden was going to float away when it came to a sudden halt. We have had more rain than sun this summer in Johannesburg. Anyway, I walked outside after the storm had passed over and there was this truly magnificent, bright rainbow stretched accross the sky. I thought how cool it would be to find the pot of gold. I could buy Gucci shoes.

The insane thing is that I probably wouldn't be able to walk in these high heels anyway, but I could take them out of the cupboard every now and then and admire them. (Gucci)

A little taste of South Africa. I'll do more collages like this as I go along showing different arty/crafty/design aspects of the country.

Two illustrations I've done recently.


mormar said...

I like the illustrations. Very cool

M&Co said...

I love a rainbow, and the clean smell of rain :-)!

Lynne said...

gorgeous! i took pics of the sky last night too:)
love the art!

maya said...

yay for rainbows! and definitely yay for shoes! and yay for art, too!

p.s. thanks for visiting my blog...