Monday, August 11, 2008

Creative interiors - NYC

I stumbled across the most stunning website via the gorgeous little fashion blog Childhood Flames. provides an intimate and tantalising glimpse into the homes of creative people living in New York. Some of the people are well known like supermodel Erin Wasson and author Tom Wolfe, others are lesser known creatives. Their homes contain unusual, interesting and sometimes bizarre collections and bits and pieces. There are lots of photo's of each home, also the photography is excellent, and the pics on the site are big so you can see all the fascinating details.

Erin Wasson - top model

Matthew Eikelberger - boutique manager, artist & musician

Ryan Korban - interior designer

Chrissie Miller - designer

Jean Adamson and Sam Buffa - restauranteurs

Isabelle McNally - actress

Meryl Smith - artist


porter hovey said...

What great spaces! What a fun project. Love it!

Anairam said...

Oh, I love The Selby! I have spent hours on that site - when I should have been proofreading ...

Lynne said...

very cool, creative spaces!

hildA said...

what a nice series of inspiring interiors, these are just great!!

malphi said...

Lovely pics...extremely inspiring, Susannah x