Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I heart inspiration boards

I love inspiration boards. I always have. I think it's interesting how they reflect a person's personality, and I think they add warmth and intimacy to the home. They can also make great points of visual interest in a room. That's why I love the Flickr Inspiration Board group. Here's a small selection from the group.

Girlhula at Flickr

Inky at Flickr

Lobster and Swan at Flickr

My English Garden NY's flickr page

And my inspirations:

This is the inspiration wall above my art desk

Inspiration wire in my art work space

The whiteboard in my art work space

A close up of a picture I drew that's on the whiteboard

The picture on my inspiration wall that I copied for the drawing

A spread in a previous moleskine journal called My pinboard romance.

PS: OMG! It is totally and utterly ridiculous how a person can disappear into Flickr and get sidetracked! I'm guessing a lot of you know the feeling......okay, okay.....dinner's coming;)


Ashley L. said...

I LOVE THIS POST! all of these are so inspiring! i also love your new banner! awesome job!

Linda Sue said...

WHOA GIRL! Nice job! What a feast for my hungry eyes! Loved the old template- love the new one- you just can't go wrong!

Anairam said...

A great selection of inspiration boards/walls/wires! I love your own ones - and the whiteboard, oh man, what a cool idea ...

kendalee said...

I think this is one of my very favourite posts to date, and it's hard to pick a favourite 'cause they are all wonderfully enjoyable! I too am a BIG fan of inspiration boards and vignettes and have them all over my flat. Yours are gorgeous!
PS Really love the new look of the blog too!

please sir said...

I love looking at these too - they are so inspiring!

Mila said...

I love looking at these!


Lynne said...

i'm a bullitin board freak!above m desk, my fridge, anywhere i can...

babelfish said...

I love inspiration boards, it's a fabulous flickr group.

Anonymous said...

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