Wednesday, August 13, 2008

To make your heart melt

Today I discovered the most amazing dog photographer, Sharon Montrose via the lovely The House, Mandco blog. I have never seen such adorably cute photo's. Even if you don't like dogs, in fact even if you loathe and hate dogs, I defy you not to fall in love with her photo's and go all mushy inside.

And this is what I'd be wearing from the Fall 08 collections if I had to take some of Sharon's adorable mutts for a walk.

Naturally I then had to attempt some dog photography of my own. Bandit is not the most co-operative of photographic models that I've ever come across. He was more interested in trying to lick the camera and dance around my feet. And trying to click your camera button in time with cute poses before uncoperative dog moves is next to impossible.

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Linda Sue said...

Bronwyn- oh yes-success, I am a puddle of goo- Wonderful pictures and YOURS are excellent! My pup is a wad of fluff with not much definition, therefore, not photogenic but were he I would have you be the photographer.

Bronwyn said...

Thanks :) said...

Really dig the new banner Bronwyn!

Peace & Love,


I love love love dogs. I haven't told you enough " I think your blog is amazing." I love love love your blog.

Freshly Found said...

OOh Bronwyn - Love the New Look! At first I wondered if I was in the right place? Looks great.

Anonymous said...

hihi these are adorable!! I'm just in love wit the way she captures these fabulous creatures :-) And I love your walking outfits!!! I should do one of your looks on tomorrows walk with my cuties ;-)
And Bandit is soooooo cute! Look at those alert ears!!! Smooch!